The Path of Pathlessness

Inspired by Mohanji’s blog  The Path of Pathlessness


Life is full of paradoxes

mindfulness inject

treat each individual

with love and respect


Wherever you are and

whatever you do

be like a mirror witness

and it will liberate you


You’re not your body

you are not your mind

you are not your thoughts

you’re consciousness kind


Whatever happens, do not resist

that’s the way to be, love and exist

accept pleasure and pain, adapt to life’s twist

they’re food for the soul from your shopping list


Love, but don’t let love

be your entanglement

nurture a relationship

mindful with detachment


Life is a creation

so be in the now

kindness and compassion

in this moment allow


We are like some tourists

walking on this land

possessions are temporary

enjoy but understand


Never censor your thoughts

you are what you are

on the path of pathlessness

you’ll simply get far


Do your best whatever you do

be true to your being

rejoice at what is with you

for liberated living

Written on 28th December, 2010 by Biljana Vozarevic


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